Mentrau Iaith Cymru


The work of the Mentrau Iaith depends
a great deal on the commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers.

Do you want to volunteer for the Welsh language in your community?

There’s many ways to do so:

  • Form an Area Committee through your local Menter Iaith
  • Volunteer at one of the Mentrau’s large festivals
  • Be a part of your local Menter’s Managing Board
  • Volunteer to help out at one of the Mentrau’r clubs e.g. sports, youth club, drama etc.
  • Attend events for Welsh learners, so they have a chance to socialise with other Welsh speakers

We also support programmes like Volunteers of the Millenium and the Welsh Bac. If you’re interested in volunteering with your local Menter Iaith to strengthen the use of the Welsh language in your area, then contact us today!

Here are some examples of how you can volunteer with the Mentrau Iaith:

Volunteer’s Voice


Charlotte Hancox


Charlotte Hancox

Who do you volunteer for?

Menter Iaith Môn for over a year.

How do you volunteer?

I help with Bocsŵn, Theatr Ieuenctid Môn youth theatre and ‘Mae dy Gymraeg di’n Grêt’ project

Why volunteer?

Volunteering with Menter Iaith Môn really opened my eyes to the many activities that are being organised in different communities across the island, all to promote and support the Welsh language. I feel that the Menter Iaith really makes a difference in the community, and I wanted to be a part of that excitement.

By now Menter Iaith Môn means a lot to me as it gave me the opportunity to develop my communication skills, allowed me to work with others and solve problems. The Menter Iaith allowed me to do what I enjoy doing, such as working with children, teaching people about the importance of the Welsh language, communicating confidently with the public, and much more.

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