Mentrau Iaith Cymru

Mentrau Iaith Cymru

Mentrau Iaith Cymru (MIC) is the national organisation which supports the work of 22 local Mentrau Iaith across Wales.

MIC supports the network of Mentrau Iaith through a wide range of activities and service areas, including marketing and communication, training and influencing for the benefit of the Welsh language and Welsh speakers.  The principle of sharing – information, resources, experiences and ideas – is central to our work.

We also develop regional and national projects in partnership with the Mentrau Iaith and other organisations.  Go to the news page to learn more.


In 2018 MIC received a Level 1 PQASSO Quality Mark which recognises effective governance and management in third sector organisations. More information here.

Supporting the Mentrau Iaith …

Supporting the Mentrau Iaith, their staff and their committees is at the heart of our work. We do this by:

  • Provideing opportunities to network, share information, ideas and collaborate through a variety of meetings, conferences and training opportunities
  • Influencing for the benefit of the Welsh language by responding to public consultations on behalf of the Mentrau Iaith
  • Developing regional and national projects, such as Magi Ann Apps Project and the Welsh Medium Labor Market Scheme
  • Providing support and guidance to the Mentrau Iaith on various issues, including internal policy, staffing, research and development opportunities in the field of language planning.

Further details of some of our activities can be found below.


MIC organises two annual conferences for the Mentrau officers. One conference is held for the Chief Officers and Chairs of the various Mentrau Iaith, and a conference for all Mentrau Iaith staff.

We also organise Field Officer meetings regionally three times a year.

Digwyddiad Cenedlaethol MIC


The conferences provide Mentrau officers with the opportunity to network, learn, share information, experiences and good practice.


Swyddogion maes y deSwyddogion maes y gogledd

An annual training program is arranged by MIC for the Mentrau officers. From child protection to management and leadership, from language planning to community development – the program is current and meets the diverse training needs of the Mentrau and supports them to achieve their objectives.

We use the experience and skills of experienced officers to facilitate training where appropriate, and the remainder are a mix of collaborations with partners to develop relevant programs or using Welsh speaking training providers.



A National Marketing Strategy is developed with the aim of raising awareness of the Mentrau’s work and promoting projects that promote Welsh throughout Wales.

We work closely with the Welsh Government and other partners to develop and support marketing campaigns that promote the Welsh language through our Marketing Group .

A central part of the MIC marketing activity is our presence at the National Eisteddfodau. In addition, we host stalls in conferences and festivals all over Wales.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for an update on the Mentrau’s work and other exciting projects that support and promote the Welsh language.

National Prosjects…

Marchnad Lafur Cymraeg is a two year pilot project looking at the Welsh language alongside economy and creating a connection between sectors and businesses with the potensial to develop services that build on Welsh language skills. The project, led by Four Cymru in association with Mentrau Iaith Cymru, is to make Welsh an economic catalyst and as a route to create new job opportunities in rural Wales.

Meet the Team

  • Iwan Hywel
    Iwan Hywel

    Mentrau Iaith Cymru, 22 Y Sgwâr, Llanrwst, Conwy, LL26 0LD 01492 643401

    Email Iwan Hywel

    Iwan Hywel

    Team Leader

    Likes? Rugby, Football, wildlife and any sort of pie

    Dislikes? Heights, egg custard and modern technology.

    Biggest pleasures? Raising 3 little rascals and working supporting the Welsh language.

    Biggest challenges? Raising 3 little rascals and working supporting the Welsh language.

  • Marged Rhys
    Marged Rhys

    Mentrau Iaith Cymru, 22 Y Sgwâr, Llanrwst, Conwy, LL26 0LD 01492 643401

    Email Marged Rhys

    Marged Rhys

    Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator

    Likes? Music, going for walks, learning new technologies, camping

    Dislikes? Sitting in cityt traffic, the smell of bananas in the car, people talking during films (even if it’s in Welsh!)

    Biggest pleasures? Going for a walk along the Menai in Caernarfon on a sunny day.

    Biggest challenges? Finding the time to do everything, and still have enough left to relax!

  • Heledd ap Gwynfor
    Heledd ap Gwynfor

    Mentrau Iaith Cymru, Yr Atom, 18 Heol y Brenin, Caerfyrddin, Sir Gaerfyrddin, SA31 1BN

    Email Heledd ap Gwynfor

    Heledd ap Gwynfor

    Partnership Co-ordinator

    Likes? Travelling – home and abroad, languages, music of ALL kinds, mountaineering, cooking, choral singing, films, photography, reading

    Dislikes? apathy

    Biggest pleasures? Playing on Llansteffan beach with son

    Biggest challenges? Raising a family; getting everyone to use the Welsh language of course!

  • Daniela Schlick
    Daniela Schlick

    Mentrau Iaith Cymru, 22 Y Sgwâr, Llanrwst, Conwy, LL26 0LD 01492 643401

    Email Daniela Schlick

    Daniela Schlick

    Helo Blod Lleol Project Co-ordinator

    Likes? Running to keep fit and clear the mind, walking in the mountains and on the coast, singing in Dros y Bont Choir, musical evenings, organising Welsh social evenings for learners, drinking tea and chatting with friends and reading to relax.

    Dislikes? Rude and grumpy people.

    Biggest pleasures? Walking up a mountain and remembering how lucky I am.

    Biggest challenges? Finding time to relax and not do to much

  • Cathryn Griffith
    Cathryn Griffith

    Mentrau Iaith Cymru, 22 Y Sgwâr, Llanrwst, Conwy, LL26 0LD 01492 643401

    Email Cathryn Griffith

    Cathryn Griffith

    Development Officer

    Likes? Art, music, people and food

    Dislikes?  Paying bills and coriander

    Biggest pleasures? Raising a family

    Biggest challenges? Finding time to do everything and cook a sensible dinner!

  • Glesni Williams
    Glesni Williams

    Mentrau Iaith Cymru, 22 Y Sgwâr, Llanrwst, Conwy, LL26 0LD 01492 643401

    Email Glesni Williams

    Glesni Williams

    Administrative Officer

    Likes? Walking mountains and coast, spending time with the kids, watching Friends.

    Dislikes? Birds

    Biggest Pleasures? Walking in Cwmorthin

    Biggest Challenges? Not worrying

  • Y Bwrdd Rheoli

    Y Bwrdd Rheoli

    Management Board

    Representation of all Menter Iaith members of MIC.

    All chief officers are invited to the meetings and a representation of each Menter Iaith’s board is also welcomed.

    The Management Board elects a Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer who operate for two years to lead the Management Board and Executive Committee.

    Chair- Lowri Jones (

    Vice Chair – Dewi Snelson (

    Tresurer – Amanda Evans (