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POSSIB Project ‘Integrating the use of the Welsh language’ into every day activities in Merthyr

Posted Friday March 11th, 2016 in the News category

The POSSIB project is in it’s third year out of a 4 year plan, and it’s very much hoped that the project will be extended for a further three years so that children, young people and their families in the communities of Northern Merthyr Tudful can continue to benefit from the bilingual nature of these activities.

In conveying thought and opinion on the effect public services have on their health and welfare, local people very much hope that this project will influence and drive an agenda for change in local services and policy.

The project, supported by the Big Lottery has worked in partnership with Communities First – North Merthyr Tudful Cluster, Cardiff University and also the National Theatre Wales, including umpteen artists.


Jên Angharad, Manager and Producer of the POSSIB Project, has worked with Welsh Medium and English Medium Schools in the community on various successful projects such as Straeon – a bilingual adventure book, created by 166 children in the area.

Some of the projects are only conducted in Welsh and others bilingually. The bilingual projects bring with them elements that allow Menter Iaith Merthyr to integrate the Welsh language in every day activities that raise the awareness and profile of the Welsh language and help tackle some of the prejudices and urban myths surrounding it’s use in the community.

Dawnsio’r Lingo is another project that explores the linguistic sounds of the Welsh language through movement and dance. The aim is to bring the movements together and create a choreographed piece. Dawnsio’r Lingo uses the body as a medium to interpret movement and as such promotes participants confidence and ability to generate Welsh sounds and use Welsh vocabulary in original, artistic dance.

It’s an interesting concept, but it’s main purpose is to show how movement and dance can support the development of Welsh language skills beyond the classroom. Dawnsio’r Lingo will be performed in the Big Dance, Merthyr Tudful, Friday the 20th of May 2016.

Menter Iaith Merthyr has worked in partnership with Communities First in other areas on different projects including dance, theatre and the Bedroc Festival over the last 7 years.

Lisbeth Mclean, Principal Officer Menter Iaith Merthyr and Canolfan Soar Said:

“The close working relationship that we have with Communities First and local schools has made all this work possible and has enhanced the idea of using Welsh as a community language in the area.”

“Our ethos is: ‘How can we work in partnership to integrate the Welsh language and what can the Welsh Language offer you?”

“Extending this project for a further three years would enable the enrolment of said projects across the whole of the Merthyr Tudful Borough Council area and would strengthen the ties the Welsh language has in the community.”

For more information, contact: Jên Angharad, Prosiect POSSIB: Lleisiau Mewn Celf, or get in touch with Menter Iaith Merthyr Tudful.