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Menter Iaith Conwy in bid to buy HSBC branch

Posted Thursday September 14th, 2017 in the News category


Menter Iaith Conwy is hoping to buy the town’s recently closed HSBC branch – so that the historic building can become an asset for the whole community.

Menter Iaith Conwy have unveiled plans to establish an information center and a permanent exhibition space, and to develop an incubation center for new businesses. They also have longer-term ambitions to bring the top floor, described as one of the town’s hidden treasures, back to use.

They are now in negotiations with the selling agents and hope to persuade HSBC of the merits of their proposals.

Y Banc3

Huw Prys Jones and Meirion Davies in front of the closed HSBC bank.

“The closing of the HSBC branch is a deeply regrettable loss to the town, and a great many of us campaigned to save it,” said Menter Iaith Conwy Chief Executive, Meirion Davies.

“Now that it has closed, however, it is vital that such a keynote building on the square is brought back to use as soon as possible, and be of benefit to the whole town.

“As well as hosting our offices, there is ample space on the ground floor to provide a comprehensive information and heritage center to local people and visitors alike. This could be enhanced by exhibitions of historic photographs of the town and its people, for example.

“We are also eager to provide space for local budding entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

“In the longer term, the vast hall on the top floor is one of Llanrwst’s hidden treasures and we are committed to bring it back to use for the benefit of the community.”

“We will be seeking the support of local people, businesses and elected representatives at all levels of government for our plans,” said Menter Iaith Conwy Chairman Huw Prys Jones.

“If we succeed in our bid, we are confident that our plans will help revitalise a focal point in the town center.”

Menter Iaith Conwy have made a formal offer to the Bank in the name of a partnership which is being led by Menter Iaith but includes the Town Council and art based organisations such as Yr Acedemi other art based organisations who have come together to form Banc Diwylliant. Menter Iaith Conwy hope to hear from the banc soon if our application has been successful.